Tackling anti-social behaviour: two Bristolian approaches

Approach #1:

New Deal for Acronyms (‘The Quango Method’)

RECCAP flipchart

A new strategy to tackle racism in Bristol has been drawn up.Key figures from the police, city council and other community groups will sign up to the Race Equality Community Cohesion Action Plan (Reccap).The strategy is a revised version of a 2005 action plan put together by local resident-led [sic] group, Community at Heart.

…Community at Heart was set up to oversee the delivery of the £50m Bristol New Deal for Communities (NDC) regeneration programme in Barton Hill, the Dings, and parts of Redfield and Lawrence Hill over a 10-year period.

Lead Race Equality Officer, Andrew McLean, said: “Reccap is a real triumph for mutual respect, cooperation and the belief that when we all work together, no matter what our differences, we have a shared future and can all live together free from racist aggression and discrimination.

“These are the qualities we all want for all our neighbourhoods and communities not just across Bristol but also across the UK.”

The original 2005 action plan is said to have achieved extensive results, including the resolution of conflict between residents of Ashmead House in Barton Hill.

BBC News Bristol (Tuesday 30th October)

Approach #2:

Joint Household Tool-Assisted Attitude-Adjustment Implementation (‘The Hartcliffe Method’)

Baseball bat

A House in Hartcliffe was fired at in a “drive-by” shooting. Witnesses said they saw a car drive past the house in Fulford Road before someone from inside the vehicle shot at a window of the property with what is believed to have been a sawn-off shotgun.Up to 100 people were then said to have run out into the street to see what was happening, some of them armed with knives and baseball bats.

Michael Hodge, 42, and unemployed, lives in the house whose window was smashed by the single shot.

He said: “They were going for my family. It was to do with a dispute over my son.

“I was stood on the doorstep with my younger son, who was playing with a couple of sparklers, and we heard a car revving hard.

“Then there was a big bang.

We ran out and the car was pulling away and he dropped the gun, but we were all out there by then and he drove off.”

Paul Condell, a 26-year-old forklift truck driver, said he rushed out of his house when he heard the commotion.

He said: “It was like a mini drive-by. As soon as it happened we came out.

“The whole street was out, there were about 100 of us.

“Some people came out with baseball bats and knives – it’s a close street and everyone sticks up for each other.”

Police spokesman Dan Mountain said: “We were called at 9.27pm with reports of a single shot being fired at a property on Fulford Road.

“Police firearms units attended the scene.

“No one was injured by the shot.

“Inquiries are ongoing.”

Bristol Evening Post (Wednesday 24th October)

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