Evening Post closes news gap with bloggers to a mere 47 weeks

Just under a year ago, I blogged about the current cycle of yuppification in St. Paul’s, mentioning amongst other things the planning permission applied for to turn Lakota and the coroner’s court into pricey apartments.

I notice that on Friday estimable local dead tree racket the Evening Post had finally noticed something was afoot:

A Nightclub and former courthouse in Stokes Croft could be turned into 56 flats.Lakota, in Upper York Street, would be replaced with a five-story block including 38 flats, offices and a cafe, if developers are given planning permission.

The former coroner’s court next door in Moon Street would be kept because it is grade- II listed, but the inside would be gutted to make way for 18 flats and a three-bedroom house.

Perhaps the breathless and uncritical enthusiasm Der Pest displays in the puff piece has something to do with the now declared involvement of Urban Splash, the hip young gunslingers of inner city renewal (as they’d have you see it) behind, amongst other things, the Imperial Tobacco factory development in Hartcliffe (see Bristol Blogger passim)? Der Pest certainly seems impressed by marketing hyperbole and over-Adobed glossy brochures, even if it is incapable of reaching around behind the hype.

Not that one really expects Northcliffe courtesans to question the sincerity of statements such as:

…the scheme is the next stage in the regeneration of St Paul’s…

…we have been consulting widely…

…There has been a shortage of new housing stock in that area over the last few years and we have responded to that…

…Some of the flats may be handed over to housing associations for use as affordable housing…

…Urban Creation is looking into whether the 264m sq office space could be “affordable”…

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