Cream of the cop

Bergerac looking moody

I’ve been rewatching Bergerac, that fine 80s Jersey tec drama, and whilst pootling around the interweb for fansites, I discovered that the man from the Bureau des Étrangers himself has been blogging his own brand of booze-free, boss-antagonising common sense.

Here’s Jim on drugs:

Don’t do Crystal Meth. That’s the advice from the government following a recent study into the UK’s latest drugs explosion.

On a superficial level I must say that, yes, I’m inclined to agree. Nobody likes these destructive class A drugs and the people who besmirch our green and pleasant land by dealing in them deserve to be shot (see series 4 for my armed response to 4 teenage marijuana dealers).

But hang on a minute. Could we be going too far by demanding an instant crack down on this particular narcotic? Could it be that crystal meth, far from being a repellent, evil and damaging drug might actually be a useful tool in the fight against crime?

Stop and consider the evidence. In episode 4, series 3 of Bergerac, I spend 4 sleepless days setting a trap for 2 well to do businessmen who are hell-bent on defrauding the Jersey Rotary club. How did I stay awake and alert I hear you cry. Yup, you’ve guessed it. I snorted meth til my eyes bulged out. And then some.

Drug Tsars listen up: Crystal meth warms, invigorates, energises and by god, it makes you feel like a man. I can stop any time. Any time.

Jersey Cream – The Random Bloggings Of Jim Bergerac

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2 responses to “Cream of the cop

  1. Nice and interesting Blog……Thanks for posting…

    Crystal Meth Addiction

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