The Digest: December 2007

Notes from the BunKRS header
Well, I thought it was time to play about with the way the blog works a little bit, so from now on I’ll try and knock together some kind of a monthly digest pointing you in the direction of some of the stuff I’ve been blogging about, and to take up the slack on some of the things I’ve been too lazy to blog about. Which, in a way, makes no logical sense whatever.

But hey ho. It also gives me the chance to defend things such as my devilishly overcomplicated category tree, to champion my current favourite things, and to idly mention things I keep intending to do but don’t, by way of somehow stimulating myself into activity. Think of it as self-help therapy outfitted by Primark, with nary a glance towards embarrassment.
Pick of the Posts header
Some of the things which I’ve been blogging about in recent weeks…

New Features header
As ever, I’ve been trying out some new format ideas…


This month I finally kicked off Forget-Me-Knots, a feature in which for no discernible purpose I get to expound upon the mystery messages I’ve left myself via my mobile’s ‘reminder’ function. TBH though, I doubt many could better the inaugural one, ‘Tap Marmite White’. But fear ye not, I shall persist. Oh, and feel free to let me know of any similar such cryptic notes-to-self you’ve discovered on your own phone. Or in old notebooks. Or in Post-Its on your pootie. Or scribbled on the back of your hand in biro.

Screenage Kicks

A collection of TV and film-related miscellanea, featuring, amongst others…

» From Here To Shiternity: An illustrated guide to onscreen scat!
» HonkWatch: An illustrated guide to cinematic emetics!
» Piss & Vinegar: An illustrated guide to TV and movie wee-wee!

Best Blogs header
Clearly this is a ramshackle, half-arsed effort, but out in the big, wide blogosphere, these are the sites which have been tickling me…

  • As mentioned already, I’ve been reading The Bristol Blogger – always an enjoyably scurrilous take on life here in Britain’s biggest village;
  • Also on a Bristol tack, I’ve been getting into Bristol Graffiti, which is pleasingly unpretentious and open minded;
  • Then there’s the Lancaster UAF blog, where I’ve been following the split in the BNP;
  • Blood & Treasure has been providing me with fascinating peeks into Chinese society and politics;
  • My taste for wordchat has been greatly satiated by LanguageHat;
  • And in the world of music I’ve been following Mad Decent (it’s not just Diplo, you know) and the Boston bounce-inflected Mashit blog

Top Pods header
And similarly, here’s a clutch of podcasts which have been keeping my speakers at a steady operating temperature…

  • One of my favourites has been the Dean of Guildford Cathedral, the Reverend Victor Stock, discussing practical theology and theoretical physics with host Dr Brian Cox on the CERN podcast (trust me, it’s more listenable than that sounds);
  • Yo La La! has been a juicy find, an English language pod on Francophone rap – #32 was an illuminating look at French-American collaborations;
  • Oh, and whilst I’m here I may as well plug my own *ahem* podcast portfolio, Bristle’s BunKRS Sessions – recently beefed up with BeyondHipHop and The KRS MooSick Show, in addition to stalwarts like Bristle’s Bootleg Show, Axis Of Foley and UnderCover. New shows are on the way before Xmas, promise!

P.S. header
Right, that’s pretty much it for this month’s digest, I just want to say cheers to Shells and Lucrezia for the weekend, ta muchly for excellent hospitality and letting me bend your ears! And also good to see Hiccup and Ignatius and Cap’n Haddock, and my spar M, and my original homeboy Mike, and to meet German Julia, and glad to see things are working out for you, Lucibus (buy some of her beautiful pictures!), and to (briefly) say hi to Tim and Mark Who Boy… 2007’s been a mostly cruel year for me, so it was wonderful to have such a nice weekend towards the end of it all 8)

Happy Christmas to y’all out there, and here’s to a blinding 2008!


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