Bristle’s Xmas UnderAxis Of Bootlegs MooSick Show 2007

Xmas picIt’s a last minute podcast mixing together, well, bits that could have gone into the BBS, Axis Of Foley, UnderCover or the KRS MooSick Show, but instead I just artlessly threw them together with some tasteless samples, mostly with a Christmas theme, and voilà!

58 mins // 53 mb // 128 kbps

01 “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”
02 “Lionel’s Xmas Wrapping” :: Lionel Vinyl
03 “Fingerfukn The Waitresses” :: Mr Bland
04 “Silent Night”
05 “The Hebrew Hammer”
06 “Walk Out To Winter (DreamTime Mix v2.0)” :: Aztec Camera
07 “Fairy Tale Of New York” :: mr_hopkinson’s computer
08 “Santa Claus” :: Throwing Muses
09 “Santa Claus You Cunt” :: Kevin Bloody Wilson
10 “Happy Hairy Hippy Harry Claus” :: Rocki Lane And The Gross Group
11 “Pet Shop Boys Christmas Record” :: Chris Morris
12 “Christmiscuous Rave Slut” :: DJ Engineer
13 “Linus And Lucy” :: Vince Guaraldi Trio
14 “Imagine Santa” :: DJ BC
15 “Last Christmas” :: Wax Audio

Stream, subscribe and download for free at Bristle’s BunKRS Sessions podcast page 🙂

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