Forget-Me-Knot #002: ‘Wv55 czl audi’

FMK#2 - car regHmmm, a peculiar one, this.

A few years back I took to noting down the registration numbers of cars that appeared to be unmarked police vehicles. This was in large part due to what I considered to be unreasonable behaviour displayed by many filth in my area (sunny St.Paul’s in Bristol) – racial profiling, contempt for local residents, allowing brutal assaults of sex workers and drug addicts to occur right in front of them, and even what appeared to be a corrupt relationship with one or several of the neighbourhood crackhouses. So I took to logging vehicles which seemed possibly to be A&S, or which contained people I could positively identify as police officers out of uniform.

Being a lazy fuck, not a lot happened with all that stuff. But I did retain the habit of noting down registration plates – police, TV licensing, bailiffs, tally men, all the usual suspects, really.

So clearly this car – an Audi with the plate WV55 CZL – piqued my interest enough to thumb it into my phone. But why? I doubt it was a police-related vehicle, or else that would have stuck in my mind. Maybe it was a light-jumper?* A kerb crawler? I just can’t remember.

If you know who drives that car, perhaps you could set my mind at rest…

* Talking of light-jumpers and idiot cops, a few weeks back a police van (registration beginning R852) jumped a red light and nearly ran me over on the last puffin crossing from STP to the Old Market side of Newfoundland/M32, where southbound traffic bears left round the Broadmead expansion. It was 12:30 in the afternoon on Thursday 8th November, I was on a little green man and the doughnut-chomping moron was not on the blues & twos. Fucking twat!

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