MFIWWCNPE #004: The B to the R to the I to the S-T-O-L…

Well, it’s the black hole twixt crimble and nye, and all is quiet across the blogoshere. Well, quietish.

Anyhow, I thought I’d plug some of my favourite Bristol blogs. Well, I’m plugging pretty much all the Bristol blogs I know about – the ones I like, that is. If you write a Bristol-related blog, or know of any not mentioned here, please do let me know, I’m keen to read more 🙂

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The Bristol Blogger

Your first stop for all Bristol political tittle tattle – breaking the stories BUP/DM & GT/Northcliffe doesn’t dare touch. Rule by quango, corporate crime, fatcat corpulence; if we’re talking corruption in Britain’s biggest village, then TBB will cover it. Mardy fucker, mind 😀
Bristol Blogger header
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Bristol Breakcore

Wonky jungle and hypercardiac hardcore biznizz! For fans of Toxic Dancehall, Bashout, STFU & Rave, Goatlab, Ruffnek Diskotek, Dissident, P.R.A.N.K., Death$ucker Records and the rest.
Bristol Breakcore header
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Bristol Graffiti

A fairly recent addition to the canon, but a most welcome one, enthusiastically and knowledgeably tracking, logging and investigating wall art across the city. It’s not all about teh Banksy!
Bristol Graffiti header
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Chief Inspector Andy Bennett

I know it’s wrong to pick on the afflicted, but it is fun… Still, ol’ Gordon does occasionally offer up an interesting perspective on Bristol.
Andy Bennett’s police blog header
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This chap does some amazing little doodles, bit of a Doctor Who spod, loves his SF, but not in an unpleasant way.
Doppelganger header
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Eugene Byrne

The occasional musings of the Venue-editing, historical comic scripting, spec-fic writing dude.
Eugene Byrne header
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A man on a mission to spread dubstep, with a wonderfully byzantine turn of phrase, and a clear love for music.
Gutterbreakz header


5 responses to “MFIWWCNPE #004: The B to the R to the I to the S-T-O-L…

  1. deadlydoppelgangers

    pah…. Gutta gets ‘byzantine turn of phrase’ , but mention Doctor who once or twice and you get ‘spod’….

    Still, two of my doodles in one post, so thanks for the big-up..

    I do requests – you name the person and I’ll draw you a short, fat doodle version….

    As for Bristol blogs:

  2. Heh – but the Byzantines died out, whereas the geek shall inherit the earth 😉

    Cheers for the recommendations, I’d not seen the Blogspot BG, a nice companion to the WP one 🙂

  3. Oooh! Ta for the plug! Much appreciated. NewYrRez is to update more than five times a year.

    Small PoI – not Venue editor, never have been (couple of months’ emergency cover about 10 yrs ago notwithstanding). Too many other things to do.

    Wish there was more of interest to add to yr local blogroll. But
    ought to win some sort of local award.

  4. No worries – wasn’t trying to blame you for all things Venue-related, just cygnus inter anates 😉

    Cheers for the Flickr link, I have a bus-obsessed Bristol ex-pat chum who will cream himself for that 😀

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