2007: A Film Odyssey; or, a 357 magnus opus

Sucked in by film (Videodrome)So, early this morning I realised my Film.Log project had come to an end.

Basically, I wanted to see if I could watch at least a film a day over an entire year, and by the end of the summer – all the personal crap in my life and whatnot providing me with time to kill – I was well over average, and figured on notching up maybe 400-500 by year’s end. But for some reason or other it all kind of slowed down towards the autumn, and I never really got back on track. I think I ended up distracted with TV series thanks to a certain UK telly torrent tracker, which yielded me all sorts of goodies like Gangsters and Adam Curtis documentaries and Fall Of Eagles and Shoestring and and and…

So anyway, in the early hours this morning I totted up, and you know what? I count 357 films. 357! Fucksakes, that’s only seven shy! It would have been better to be a hundred off, seven short is just salt in the wound. I’m definitely going to have to check back and make sure I’ve not missed any out. What a fucking pisser 😦

I suppose at some point I’m going to have to actually get moving with the actual reviews, but TBH after the whole TCTE implosion/fallout, I don’t know whether I can be arsed, seeing as there’s a hundred-odd reviews I’d have to transfer over from CoolestWiki to wherever, let alone all the new ones that I’d have to knock up.

Teh interweb: Just Say No, Kids!

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