“Ethically tone-deaf”

Spotted this rather fine descriptive epithet in an article on Wired about a voterig-and-tell book by a former Republican election operative, Allen Raymond.

The book apparently spills the beans on all sorts of cynical tricks used to win polls, with much focus on the illegal phoneblocking tactics which landed Raymond in chokey (something I think it’s fair to say he’s a mite bitter about).

Raymond’s message is ultimately earnest: He tells Americans that the reason they got stuck with two terms of President Bush’s megalomaniac administration is because “election operatives like myself and the kind of politicians who hire us have ensured that idealists can’t win elections.”

…It’s just tragic that ethically tone-deaf people like Raymond don’t have more insight into how recklessly irresponsible their careers are until they have a few months in the slammer to start living an examined life.


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