Skip To The End #5: With Special Guest Hoonboy!

El Juxtaposeur follows up his most enjoyable turn at the Xmas Goatlab with the fifth edition of his STTE podcast, with special guest ragga jungle specialist Hoonboy, based either in Manchester or Westbury on Severn (geography not being my strong point)…

McSlimey – McSlimey & The Tellytubbies Do The Salmon Dance
Japancakes – Only Shallow
Plan B – Missing Links
William Shatner – That’s Me Trying
Twocsinak – A bicycle is the acoustic version of a motorbike (Ed Siebert gave me the horn)
Bran Flakes – Evil Knievel
Commercial Break
Public Inforamtion
Christina Aguilera – Aint No Other Man (Blaerg Oral Fistfuck Remix)
Johnny Clash – Movement
Wax Audio – Wiped Off The Map
The Kleptones – Cymbalicker
Kling Klang – Flying Hotel
Donna Summer – Eating Crow
Commercial Break
Public Inforamtion
Junior Kick Start
Hans Appelqvist – Jag en gök
Rotator – Dancehall Devastation
Hoonboy – Gold Dust Ragga
Gerry White – Ode to Annie

Hoonboy 30min mix:
Taleb Kweli – Eardrum (hoonboy instrumental) (white)
hoonboy – Clown Town (white)
hoonboy’s in the gusset megamix (death$ucker)
Glowstyx – 7 Daze (cockrockdisco)
Soundbites – No Dance Start the Goods (death$ucker)
Stivs – Dustbinmen (death$ucker)
DJ C – Come Back version (death$ucker)
Mike Skinner – Don’t Mug Yourself a capella
Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl (ma$hup)
The Teknoist’s gusset inspection (death$ucker)
Aaron Spectre – Say More Fire (rag&bone)

Jim O’Rourke – The Workplace

Download from the STTE page


4 responses to “Skip To The End #5: With Special Guest Hoonboy!

  1. He from Westbury on Severn but lives / is studying in Manchester.

    He has a few more Bristol gigs comming up, include a Death$ucker mash-up Hoonboy vs Gusset set at The Cooler on Feb 28th!

  2. Tanking you koindly 😀

    Everyone seems so bloody young and talented these days, what ever happened to underachievement? 😦

  3. this is excellent stuff!

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