Bristol Festival gets date

The Bristol Festival looks like going ahead after the date and location were announced last night:

A public meeting at the Folk House in the city on Thursday was told it would be held in the Lloyds Amphitheatre on the weekend of 20 and 21 September.

The organisers say the festival, to replace the former Ashton Court event, will cost up to £50,000, of which they have raised about 10% so far.

They are planning to charge about £5 per ticket and hope to offer “as many of the arts as possible”.

I’m a bit gutted to have missed the meeting (not that I knew it was happening – I only found out about when I was reading TBB on the same night’s Old Vic public meeting (which somehow I’d told myself was tonight). Still, nice to see something is going ahead, though it’s a shame it’s not anywhere green and open, and naturally I’m a little sceptical of the idea of a paid-for and (presumably) enclosed festival in a location which also hosts a free and open festival (the Harbourside one). One to watch, though, and *reminds self* to try and find out more about. Certainly interesting to hear the £50k estimate.

Bristol Festival website


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