Tony’s value risen $1 million per day

The BBC claims that Tony Blair will be making around $5 million per year from his sinecure at international bollock-squeezers JPMorgan, rather than the $1 million reported last Thursday.

In the opinion of Beeb business editor Robert Peston, “it would be a national humiliation if the sticker on his forehead said $1000k.”

I can think of more appropriate things to slap on his majesty’s forehead than a price tag, but hey-ho, so long as we, the people of Albion Plc are not ‘humiliated’ because our fallen liege sold himself short to become the roving lickspittle of a Yankee bank at too cheap a price, that’s the important thing.

Especially in a country where around thirteen million people live below the government-defined poverty line; where one in ten is a victim of ‘water poverty’; where there is a £20 billion balance-of-payments deficit; where job insecurity, casualisation, and the race towards service and financial industries have helped mask the true picture of unemployment, which, even though pegged at a ‘mere’ 5.3% – the ‘best’ since 1975 – finds 130,000 more people on JSA than there are vacancies…

…But so long as our old pal Anthony Charles Lynton Blair gets a salary commensurate with his no doubt outstanding abilities, that’s what’s going to make our collective chests swell with national pride.


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