To recycle plastic & cardboard or not to recycle cardboard and plastic, that is the question

I’ve just had a note from my housing association (Knightstone) pushed through the letterbox:

Knightstone note about no plastics/cardboard recycling on-site

Hmmm, most interesting… Doesn’t mention what these “problems with recycling” are. Something of a companion piece to the whole farrago last September (as outlined in the comments section on The Bristol Blogger) when Resource Futures – they whom apparently manage Bristol’s ‘waste strategy’ – leafletted us to tell us that contrary to the fact that our estate has (well – had, I guess) cardboard and plastic facilities, we should lug it all down to the Malcolm X.

In that instance, after a bit of prodding I managed to convince RF that I wasn’t making it up, they admitted their mistake, and, well, ran up another printjob to tell us residents what we already knew – that *ahem* we could recycle our cardboard and plastics at our estate waste point!

So… Is this some kind of indicator that penny-pinching and number-shuffling is afoot at either the council, RF or at KHA?

PS After a scoot around the interweb, I discover that my estate is involved with a Resource Futures scheme called ‘RIFE‘, which, apparently,

encourages Bristol’s 27,000 residents of flats who are not served by the kerbside collection scheme to recycle more. There are over 190 mini recycling centres (MRCs) across the city, where they can recycle their paper, cans and glass. The RIFE project provides support, advice and encouragement to residents of flats to use their MRCs – many of which currently produce less than 85 kilos per household in a year (equivalent to a wine bottle, a food can and one newspaper per week).

Can’t say RIFE is a name I’ve ever noticed around my estate, and the only indication of any RF involvement around here I ever noticed was their glossy leaflet telling us we couldn’t recycle things we did in fact have facilities for.

Indeed, looking at the RF webpage outlining all the ‘technical consultancy’ services they provide to local authorities and organisations maintaining ‘multi-occupancy dwellings’ (so that would be blocks of flats, then), there’s very little at all that I would recognise. The pointless little bag, for instance.

But hey ho. I’m sure their heart is in the right place. Close to the wallet, I should imagine. Our wallet.


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