Q: When is an alliance in Bristol not a Bristol alliance?

A: When it’s ‘Bristol Alliance‘…

Yesterday I spotted a little story on the Bristol pages of BBC News about improvements to the pedestrianised bits of Broadmead. The usual puff story, really. But one bit caught my eye – the bit calling Bristol Alliance

a local partnership set up to revive the city centre.

Of course, ‘Bristol Alliance’ is nothing of the sort. It’s just the flag of convenience under which the London-based real estate behemoths Hammerson Plc and Land Securities Group Plc operate under in their Broadmead expansion project. Pretending to be part of a local initiative working to a local consensus was, of course, one of the big bugbears when this whole Cabot Circus (né Merchant’s Quarter) shebang kicked off. Even mild-mannered community body St. Paul’s Unlimited had a few choice words to use about Hammerson/LSG’s failure to engage with local concerns.

It’s not the first time huge, out-of-town landgrabbers have tried to cloak their operations beneath disingenuous labels; the big Bull Ring development was carried out by ‘Birmingham Alliance‘, a non-Midlands consortium led by, erm… Hammerson Plc and Land Securities Group Plc!

So fired up with righteous anger and with green ink filling my veins, I knocked out a swift rebuttal and asked the Beeb to correct their story.

And blow me if they haven’t gone and done it… The contentious bit now reads:

The scheme is funded by the Bristol Alliance, a development partnership working on the city centre’s revival.

Hmmm… An improvement, no doubt; but do you think we ought to pick holes in the “revival” claim?



5 responses to “Q: When is an alliance in Bristol not a Bristol alliance?

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  2. Stefan Zachary

    Say what you like but the Bull Ring redevelopment in Birmingham was the best thing to ever happen to the city since Victorian times. Who cares where the developers come from – its what they do that counts.

  3. Stefan Zachary

    I made my first visit to Cabot Circus yesterday; it is fantastic. Why bleat on about where the developers came from – they have left Bristol with a brilliant legacy of one of the best town centre redevelopments in the world. And, “no” I am not one of their consultants.

  4. No, Stefan, I’m sure you’re not one of their consultants.


    Retail and Leisure Design Specialist.

    Managing Partner of Zachary Design and Zachary Cook Architects with over 30 years of experience across all design disciplines. Concerned with the strategic use of design to enhance position and performance.

    • BA Honours Degree in 3D Design at Leeds in 1970
    • Designer – Conran Design Group
    • Chief Interior Designer – Duport Group
    • Associate Partner – Howard Sant Architects
    • Group MD – McColl Group International, architects and designers with 350 staff worldwide
    • Managing Partner – Zachary Design from 1992
    • Treasurer of the Chartered Society of Designers (1990 – 92) – engineered its financial resurrection, becoming President Elect (1992 – 94) and President (1994 – 96) when he re-established the society on a secure footing.
    • Joint Honorary Life President of the Design Business Association (and founding Chairman)
    • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
    • Member of the British Council of Shopping Centres
    • Retired Territorial Army Officer, Infantry (OC 17 Pl, E Coy, 5 Queens)
    • Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Painter Stainers
    • Freeman of the City of London.
    • Author of the CSD Works Agreement 1983 and its standard forms of contract. His book on contract guidelines was published in 1983.
    • Visiting lecturer to six architecture and design colleges/universities
    • Listed in Debrett’s Peerage and several ‘Who’s Who in Design’ directories.

    Experience of designing over 5m sq ft of retail and department stores, 13m sq ft of shopping malls, 3.5m sq ft of offices, 1.5m sq ft of banks/building societies, 1m sq ft restaurants/cafes, and numerous urban area streetscape developments.

    Married 1971, two sons and one daughter, and works from design studios in a converted 17th century listed farm in Buckinghamshire.

    Just a Joe Bloggs everyman who is sticking up for poor ickle ‘Bristol Alliance’ when the nasty people make fun of it and their new playground!

    Enjoy the recession 😎

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