Bristol connection to Securitas heist*?

Spotted a small mention to an unsolved Bristol shooting in the coverage of the Securitas robbery trial:

Five people have been convicted in connection with Britain’s biggest robbery. But one of the Securitas robbers remains on the loose.

…The missing man was dubbed “The Policeman” by detectives on the case, because of the bogus police uniform he can be seen wearing on the CCTV footage from inside the depot.

…Sir John Nutting QC, who led the prosecution case at the Old Bailey, told the jury it was believed “The Policeman” might have been Keyinde Patterson, who has since fled the country and is thought to be somewhere in the Caribbean.

Mr Patterson, whose family are originally from Jamaica, has an identical twin called Taiwo who police traced and interviewed during the inquiry.

Taiwo Patterson’s interviews shed little light on his brother’s whereabouts on 21 February 2006 or since and he himself was never charged with anything.

The Patterson twins come from Croydon and it is thought that Keyinde may have met Mr X – the mastermind of the robbery – through a south London underworld connection.

..Ironically Keyinde Patterson might not have been free if it had not been for the Crown Prosecution Service, who dropped charges of conspiracy to murder against him on 18 October 2005.

Mr Patterson had been accused of being part of a gang who were responsible for a horrific night of violence.

He and several other men were accused of shooting dead Rufus Edwards and Mark Warmington at the Spotlight club in Croydon on 2 October 2004.

Just over an hour later the same gang fired a hail of bullets at a car in Bristol, hitting two women, Asha Jama and Donna Small, who had got a lift from a nightclub with Curtis Brooks, who police believed was the actual target.

Mr Brooks and another male passenger were uninjured in the shooting, but Ms Small was left permanently disabled and Ms Jama was blinded in her left eye after being hit by flying glass.

BBC News

I remember that night well, because I was at the Trinity, and left around the time that the shot-up car was dumped near the police station. I only found this out later on – after getting home and witnessing the aftermath of another shooting, this time at a dance at CEED. A hectic evening indeed.

Original news reports:

The acquitted men:

  • Marcus Anderson, 28, of Thornton Heath, south London (conspiracy to murder)
  • Cleveland Fenderson, 27, of Bristol (conspiracy to murder, Bristol)
  • Craig Hughes, 30, of Peckham, south London (conspiracy to murder)
  • Michael Lindo, 25, of Clapham, south London (murder of Mark Warmington, conspiracy to murder, Croydon & Bristol)
  • Darren Little, 30, from Mottingham, south-east London (conspiracy to murder)
  • Derrick Mason, 34, from Brixton, south London (conspiracy to murder, Croydon)
  • Winston Minott, 25, of Bristol (conspiracy to murder, Bristol)
  • Michael Nettleford, 30, from Croydon, south London (conspiracy to murder, Croydon)
  • Darren Valentine, 20, of Camberwell, London (conspiracy to murder, Bristol)

* Excuse the use of ‘heist’, it’s hackneyed but it feels right.


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