Sinn Féin’s stance on Quinn murder tussle: “We blame the parents”

The mystery of Paul Quinn’s violent death rumbles on…

A couple of weeks back the parents of the twenty-one year old murder victim met with Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny (RTE), who urged anybody with any information relating to the killing to pass it on to either the Gardai or the PSNI.

However, the willingness of witnesses to come forward may have been weakened by subsequent reports in The Observer and elsewhere claiming that:

One of the young men unwittingly used as ‘bait’ to lure South Armagh man Paul Quinn to his death has been told his life is under threat from the Provisional IRA, it was revealed last night. He was visited at his home last week by PSNI officers who warned him he was in danger.

Meanwhile Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy has been making friends and influencing them with claims that Paul Quinn’s death “resulted from a feud among criminals” (see (Irish) Independent). Elsewhere he was reported as suggesting Quinn had been caught up in diesel rackets, which given the supposed involvement of ‘IRA kingpin’ Slab Murphy [no relation], himself no stranger to allegations of fuel tax scamming, appears a little on the pot/kettle end of the scale. (Having said that, I’ve not noticed him positively denying that IRA figures involved in fuel smuggling were at the other end of this ‘feud among criminals’.)

Master politician Murphy yesterday went on to reinforce the idea that Quinn was ‘involved in criminality’ during a Radio Ulster interview:

“I can say that I made my analysis on what happened here honestly on the information which was available to me at the time – I have been consistent in that analysis,” he said.

“If others have not been consistent, that is a matter for them.

“I can stand over my analysis at the time and I still believe that to be the case.”

Mr Murphy said Mr Quinn had never been charged with any crime but added: “We made an assessment of what the young man was involved with.

“We made a very honest assessment at the time. We are consistent in that assessment.

“I have heard nothing to make me change my mind.”

Mr Murphy said it was “a matter of regret” that Mr Quinn’s family would not talk to Sinn Fein.

The MP said he felt it was easier to find reasons not to talk to people than to talk to them and that Sinn Fein’s offer of dialogue with the Quinn family was still open.

(Reported in Irish News)

Tip o’ the titfer: Slugger O’ Toole

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