The Digest: January 2008

Notes from the BunKRS header

Well here we are then – another year. Let’s hope it isn’t as crappy as the last (actually, last year had plenty of good shit as well, just very much very high highs and very low lows).

Pick of the Posts header
The month of January reflected in the BunKRS…

New Features header
As ever, I’ve been trying out some new format ideas…

  • Cinematych – different screen versions of the same story, compared: can’t say it simpler than that
  • Ikons Ov Musik – well, I realised I didn’t have a category for stuff about people in thee world of music
  • Clouds & Winds – what British blog would be worth it’s meat and two veg without a section devoted to the weather?

Best Blogs header
Recently added to NetNewsWire:

  • Class War Youth Death Brigade – clearly the best name for a group since that Spanish anarchist militia monickered up in tribute to some Manc band or other, and impressively angry
  • Down The Tubes – chipper comics-related news stories from the people that bring you the main DTT website
  • Density Of Sound – my former TCTE companero Tangerinebreem blogging about all the cultural delights Lancaster has to offer, and thankfully much more (you have to pad it out somehow 😉 )
  • Blimey! It’s Another Blog About Comics! – Lew Oink! Stringer’s chatty little blog about (yes, you’ve guessed it) comics
  • Bear Alley – Steve Holland and his bewilderingly vast collection of comics arcana, as well as paperback artwork, story papers and other similar such subjects
  • nialler9 – awesome Irish-based music blog, chock full of tunes, videos and news

Top Pods header
Podcasts blowing the BunKRS speakers this month…

  • SRI Radio Sweden – more daily English language Swedish news bulletins than you could shake a smörgåsbord at
  • Talking Robotics – it’s a talky one, and it’s all about artificial intelligence and androids!
  • TheGoatLab Radio – Bristol-based breakcore shenanigans, could do with an update though…

P.S. header
Oh, and I managed to see the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, too. First time since… Well, first time in a long time. Hopefully we can build our friendship up again 🙂

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