Bristol City Council: more homophobic than the Met

And, as is the way here in Britain’s biggest village, this apparently is A Good Thing, at least judging from the giddy excitement with which BCC has greeted its chart position in the Stonewall ‘Workplace Equality Index 2008’.

Stonewall chart

The survey shows that our good burghers were beaten in the cuddly boss stakes by no fewer than eight police forces, the screws service and even the Foreign Office (sections of which, lest we forget, have a habit of vetting for gay men and women), but judging from deputy leader Pudge Hammond’s response, this is good gravy:

Stonewall’s workplace equality index is an important external assessment and validation of this council as an employer of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. It tells us what we are doing well, and how we can improve our performance even further to attract and retain staff.

Bristol – because sometimes mere mediocrity is just too good.


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