Reigniting British anarchism!

Well, maybe, maybe not – but El Bonio has been talking up the the reemergence of a British anarchist movement on the streets in recent months, and after discussion on his blog about the lack of regular anarchist magazines and newspapers he’s called for a bit of DIY action:

I’ll set up a separate ‘RE-IGNITE’ page here – RE-IGNITE being the paper’s name! You an submit articles as attachments to:

I’ll edit out obvious rubbish or anything stultifying then you can watch the work in progress. Deadline 5pm February 27th. Then anyone can cut and paste what articles they like and distribute locally as an a4 paper!

Editorial guidelines: Must be of relevance to life, culture, politics in Britain today – no history, no foreign stuff. Be as heretical as you like – we’ve nothing to loose by shaking our thinking up and overturning long held truths.Writers real names preferred – but others will do.

Time to RE-IGNITE our movement comrades.

There you go – ball’s in your court!

PS And obviously you don’t even have to submit stuff to this project, you could start up your own…

One response to “Reigniting British anarchism!

  1. i hope this works [test]

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