From Bristol’s Evening Post:

It’s jazz legend Acker Bilk’s dream home. He bought it 15 years ago for the views of rolling Somerset countryside. But they have been ruined, he says, by a neighbouring farmer and a huge pile of plastic silage bags.

“There must be at least 200 of these black and white bags in a field about 250 yards from the patio at the back of my home,” said the 79-year-old musician.

“They’re spoiling my view. There’s a pond in the field with ducks and geese on it.

“I used to like watching them. But now I can’t even see it.”

Mr Bilk named his luxury bungalow at the top of a hill at Pensford, near Bristol, Chulemeau after the low register on a clarinet, the instrument he still plays in gigs around the country.

“I love it here. The views are spectacular and that’s why I bought the place,” said Mr Bilk.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before. The bags have been there for months.

“But when I complained to the farmer’s wife about them, she just said she didn’t know how much longer they would be there.”

At nearby Leigh Farm, in Old Road, farmer Colin Smart’s wife, Jo, said: “I didn’t think they were in anybody’s way.”

She urged the Evening Post to speak to contractor Andrew Tovey.

He said: “By the spring the silage will probably have been used to feed the cattle.

“The reason they are there is that last summer kids from the village kept ripping the bags open and rolling the cut grass in them down the valley.

“They’ve done this before, but it’s never been so bad.

“In the end, we just had to move the bags further up the hill to the field closer to Mr Bilk’s home.

“I wouldn’t agree they were that close, though – more like 700 or 800 yards from his place. I’m 42 and have always been a fan of Acker Bilk’s music.

“But I’m astounded he’s complaining. He’s a village man, born and bred. My dad, Terry, went to school with Acker Bilk.

“Living next to a farm, you expect these things to happen.”


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