The truth about Wilson

Greg Wilson on The Tube

Greg Wilson
‘s written a nice little article about being the first person on to mix live on British TV, twenty-five years ago today, I believe, on The Tube

I’m afraid I’d never really heard of Greg until a few years back, when I was working at the chip wrapper factory, and a press release came my way about him playing in Bristol after coming out of retirement. It intrigued me, and I got hold of a CD of his mixes and was fair blown away. So I ended up seeing him play a superb set at Timbuk2, where he commanded two decks, a reel-to-reel and a lappie – with nary a hint of old man’s arthritis or anything 😉 . No bubble perm these days though!

Not only does he still have the *ahem* skillz, he’s also a passionate lover of music, old and new. His website was very handy in pointing me in the direction of many of the excellent tunes which helped shape electro-funk and hip hop. And with his name now fresh in my consciousness, I see he’s got mentions all over Dave Haslam‘s book Manchester England.


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