The Digest: February 2008

Notes from the BunKRS header

Sheesh – our anniversary, Valentine’s day, a year since we went on that trip last year; lots of things whizzing round my head. After the whopping crop of stuff I wittered on about in January, I think I ended up dwelling on shit too much this month – sorry, dear reader! But at least I didn’t dump it all in your lap. No, I ended up doing it IRL to RL people 😮

Pick of the Posts header
The month of February reflected in the BunKRS…

New Features header
As ever, I’ve been trying out some new format ideas…

Best Blogs header
Recently added to NetNewsWire:

  • not-I blog – our Austria-dwelling American bootlegger of choice, DJ not-I, has started up a blog archiving his productions from the very beginning, in which handy commentaries provide technical and contextual colour
  • Photoshop Disasters – well, the name says it all; here you can marvel at shoddy clipping, acid flashback shadows, nightmarish composites and the wonderful world of computer mutilated limbs
  • i can see your monkey – top cartoonist Jamie Smart (Bear, The Beano, The Dandy, The DFC etc) regales us with poo sketches, sadistic animals and his satisfyingly imperfect personal life
  • Saoirse32 – pulling together articles, news reports and more, all from an Irish republican socialist perspective
  • Slugger O’Toole – continuing the shamrock blogroll theme, Slugger provides some of the most incisive (and certainly well written) analysis of Irish news stories, as well as breaking the odd juicy political scandal all on its lonesome

Top Pods header
Podcasts blowing the BunKRS speakers this month…

  • Density Of Sound – The boy Tangerinebreem got pod too! He pulls together all kinds of copyright-free new music from around the world, aurally beachcombing furthest shores for your listening pleasure
  • The Trypshop – Mark ‘Go Home Productions’ Vidler’s psychedelia/freakbeat/garage punk selections

P.S. header

See, it could have been worse. Believe me, it could have been worse.


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