The Digest: March 2008

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I think things started to pick up a little this month; going out a bit more, weather improving, got through February alive… However, on the other hand, I did discover eBay 😮

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The month of March reflected in the BunKRS…

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Recently added to NetNewsWire:

  • SGOC – the Standing Group on Organised Crime manages a handy little blog aggregating news stories from around the world on the theme of, well, organised crime: political paramilitaries, blaggers, gangsters, it’s all gravy, baby
  • The Zarjaz Journal Of A Hipster Dad – a slightly odd choice, simply some American chap writing about his family, interspersed with the odd comic review; comforting like chicken soup
  • the man on the clapham omnibus – designer/artist/clever chap Lee Brimmicombe-Wood’s cosy blog about family and work life (thankfully his work and his family are both interesting). Who’s Lee Brimmicombe-Wood? Well, he was the fellow behind the Colonial Marines Technical Manual, that (now out-of-print) Aliens universe-expanding book which came out in the halcyon days before Alien 3 came out and royally fucked up continuity and canon. He also drew for things such as Space Junkk, which I rather liked, but I don’t think he appreciated being reminded of it 😮
  • Global Guerrillas – something of an esoteric oddity, this one’s all about studying contemporary combat paradigms and predicting future trends; written by John Robb (no, not the former Melody Maker journalist-turned-Goldblade frontman… I don’t think), it’s often a very perceptive and dispassionate resource for following ‘global terrorism’ in the one corner, and the ‘war against terror’ in the other. It’s also essential for trainspotters wanting to figure out where in the world the next big sexy war is going to flare up
  • Why, That’s Delightful! – see, it’s not just civilians like us who fill up their blogs with inane YouTube vids and witless chatter, Top Television Comedy Writer Graham Linehan does it too! (I spotted him in WHS at Victoria train station once, the little one opposite the cheese shop. He was shabbier and shorter than I imagined a Top Television Comedy Writer would be)

Top Pods header
Podcasts blowing the BunKRS speakers this month…

  • Ramdom Thoughts – solid mashup show, hosted by Scott Johnson, now into three figures!
  • Skip To The End – Musical eclectist Juxtaposeur from WoBcast flies solo before handing over the controls to a guest each episode (guests have included Rasha Shaheen, Kid Carpet, Parasite, Gusset, hoonboy and Sepr)
  • Ebrotunes – bootleg producer Essex Boy presents the music of yesterday alongside the tunes of tomorrow, be it dub, hip hop, mashup, electro, pop or summat else

P.S. header

Fuck it, I’m alive. Hoofuckingray.


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