Lakota planning app: this Wednesday

Cheers to Chris at PRSC for the email forwarding this info:

the planning decision for demolition of the Lakota conversion into residential is going to committee on Wednesday 6pm. The delegated report is for approval but it is an opportunity for people to attend and possibly express their opinions. It will take place at the Council house at 6pm on Weds… The lakota is apparently the first thing on the agenda… This is an opportunity for those of us who oppose the demolition of this property to make our presence felt .

In Stokes Croft, in line with the Conservation Area Policy, we believe there should be an overwhelming presumption against demolition of any of the buildings already present. It is our belief that the nature of the current building stock is integral to the special nature of th area. The Lakota is a valid building that is capable of many uses, and to demolish it would be a crime…

This is an opportunity for us to show that the people of Stokes Croft care about its culture, and are not prepared to bow to the pressures which threaten to engulf us.


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