The art of remaking ‘Paper Planes’

There’s been some top remixes and bootlegs built around M.I.A.’s ‘Paper Planes’ in recent weeks and months – in case you haven’t heard them, here’s four of the best, all of which have been caning it on pootie…

  • Paper Planes (Big Beat Cut & Run)’ – M.I.A./World Famous Audio Hacker
    Paper Planes - WFAH
  • WFAH hacks audio, and is world famous. Nuff said. Big up the Oregon massive!

  • Under Paper Planes’ – M.I.A. vs Cléan/DJ not-i
    Paper Planes - DJ not-i
  • Cléan was a band I came across in Bristol. They were a lovely group of chaps from Mittel Europa, boasting roots in Switzerland, Austria and Hungary (non-EU status for some of them meant not a little dodging the authorities here in the Yookay when it came to small matters like visas and whatnot).

    They put out a couple of albums on local label Sugar Shack Records, gigged loads (they ended up with a big following in Downend, of all places), and toured with The Stranglers. I really liked them, and even got to hear songs they were writing at the early demo stage (which were very different to the finished tracks, almost techno-like in their sleek, pounding way). My girlfriend at the time, who was in a band which shared the bill with them a few times, did think they were a little lazy in the ol’ flyering department, though 😉

    Anyway, I lost contact with them, but their tunes were only ever a playlist away, and every so often, when I was putting together a folder of music to share with someone, I’d drop some of their stuff in there. So that’s how I ended up hooking up my bootlegging chum DJ not-i (himself esconced out in Österreich – now that’s synchronicty…) with some good, Cléan fun a few weeks back. And lo ! He liked them enough to put together this rather spiffing mashup!

    There’s a postscript – I ended up wondering what happened to the Cléan chaps, and managed to track them down via the magic of MySpace. Seems they regrouped as Temple Thief, who I think are based in *spit* London. Pascal from the band likes the bootleg (I think… These Europeans can be a little difficult to understand sometimes 😀 ).

  • Paper Planes (Philly Club Remix)’ – M.I.A./DJ Sega
    Paper Planes - DJ Sega
  • DJ Sega is a Philadelphia-based producer whom I came across via the Mad Decent blog. He specialises in this, well, mad decent hybrid of Baltimore Club, back-in-the-day British rave stylings and Boston Bounce which seems to be driving a thriving scene in Philly, with more than a sprinkling of Carioca pixie dust (well, what do expect in Diplo-endorsed tuneage?) colouring things well over the lines.

    Listen to this remix and tell me it’s not got a great vibe!

  • M.I.A. Wanted Dead Or Alive’ – M.I.A. vs Bon Jovi/DJ Schmolli
    Paper Planes - DJ Schmolli
  • Damn, these Austrians get everywhere…. This is the Schmollmeister’s beautiful pairing of Maya with Jon. Would sound perfect over the end credits of a really exhilarating yet dramatically satisfying movie, I reckon.


One response to “The art of remaking ‘Paper Planes’

  1. djschmolli

    thanx bristol for the mentioning, appreciate it!

    cheers from austria,

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