NTBCW #001: Bill Murray – the royal of Lebensraums

It came as a shock to me when I read it on the Lancaster UAF blog, but how must his Ghostbusters co-stars Ernie Hudson (African-American), Harold Ramis (Jewish) and Dan Aykroyd (Roman Catholic) feel to learn that Bill Murray is, in fact, the BNP’s Welsh Regional Secretary?

Following last week’s elections the BNP bragged as loudly as it could at the fact that it had ‘won’ a further six new councillors in North Wales, putting the total up to nine (all of whom are, incidentally, town councillors, the equivalent of parish, and all of whom walked into office completely unopposed).

According to Bill Murray, the BNP’s Welsh Regional Secretary;

‘After the hard work of all our activists we will be taking a week break then it will be back to business as usual.’


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