Movies for nothing and the snacks for free

Who wants to spend little shy of a tenner to see some manky new Hollywood merchandising advert in an anonymous, neon shrouded battery farm of a ‘leisure park’ multiplex, where you’re surrounded by noisily grazing lobotomites with their facile heckles? Well, my chum Herman over at giallo site Bloody Italiana has had a brainwave which might appeal to those of us sharing that sentiment.

He’s started up another film blog, devoted entirely to movies you can (legally) download for free! (Which given the TorrentSpy and isoHunt cases, along with the withering on the vine of the various DivX sites, could be the way to go for wallet-wary square eyes.)

Called Subprime Cinema, it mines sources like for out-of-copyright and public domain features, and even streams them direct. In case you were worried, it’s not just crappy drive-in fare either, yer man Herman’s exercising strict quality control like any good boy from the Valleys – titles so far have included Swamp Women, Five Minutes To Live, The Sadist and Last Woman On Earth.

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out, peckerhead! GO CHECK IT OUT!


One response to “Movies for nothing and the snacks for free

  1. Thanks for that Bris, and here you have hit the nail on the head-cinema multiplex factories. Before the VHS era I used to visit the village cinema weekly to see tons of hammer, exploitation, blaxploitation, sex comedies and a whole host of what is now considered b grade or z grade cinema.

    Since we only had 3 channels the cinema would be packed most nights as much of the community settled down to watch the latest kung fu flick or whatever,

    those days are gone for ever. Aside from being a blog of free to view features it aims to be a reminder of just what we lost when we bought into personalised entertainment and vhs.

    As much as I loved the stuff I rented on video the golden age of genre cinema was coming to an end then and by the late 80s the whole thing was stone dead. Replaced with 90 minute ads for the latest marketing phenomena.

    Chances are no longer taken to any major extent and thus cinema increasingly fails to innovate (thus we get the remake thing as current producers mine the age of good ideas).

    so thanks for the promotion, at least they havent taken my nostalgia away.

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