Nice book, shame about the creases…

The other week I was well chuffed when I won a Roy Of The Rovers reprint album – pretty much the first thing I’ve won since a runners-up prize in Look-In one Easter back in the early 80s!

Well, today it arrived (along with – at long last – the flatmate’s WSM, but that’s another story), and whilst I’m still rather gleeful with my victory and its booty, my joy is somewhat mitigated by the condition it’s arrived in 😦

The spine’s wrecked, and there’s big, fat creases running through the whole book, top and bottom. Most disappointing. It was sent direct from the publishers, so either it was a slightly manky copy lurking in the publicity department to start with, or else (and let’s face it, this is the more likely reason) Royal Mail has fucked up again. It’s a modern softback edition, which is a pretty damn sturdy format, unless you really have a go at the spine (and the creases go through all 200-odd pages of glossy high gsm paper – no mean feat), and it was posted in a new jiffy bag, so I can’t see how this level of damage can be down to everyday passage through the postal system. Grrr!!!

Anyway, I look forward to reading it (if I can prise the bloody pages far enough open), and I am still grateful to DownTheTubes for the comp in the first place, and to Titan for supplying the prizes.

PS The lady friend thinks it’s weird I have “children’s comics” on my bedside shelf 😮


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