MPs: “80% of British households are scum”

The government needs to do more to prosecute suspected benefit fraudsters, MPs have said.

The Commons public accounts committee said fewer than 7,500 out of 200,000 potential fraud cases investigated in 2006/7 had ended up going to court.

It said the Department of Work and Pensions risked not being “seen to be taking firm action”.

…The report said: “Potential fraudsters will not be deterred if the department is not seen to be taking firm action where there is good evidence that fraud has taken place.”

It urged the DWP to continue to take a “firm and co-ordinated approach” on organised crime posing a “serious threat” to the benefit system.

The committee’s chairman, Conservative MP Edward Leigh, said: “Benefit fraud diverts public funds into the pockets of criminals and, in so doing, reduces our confidence in the benefits system.

“There are important areas where the DWP must improve its performance.”

(BBC News)

From the Office of National Statistics:

From the House of Commons Information Service:


One response to “MPs: “80% of British households are scum”

  1. britishpolitics

    Why is it we are constantly told what needs to be done, but not how they are going to do it? This really is a government that has lost its way.

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