Is Marc Cooper the new William Boot?

My Twitter has a new follower, one Marc ‘Coops’ Cooper*.

Coops appears to be a scoophound for local rag the Bristol Evening Post.

Coops has filed an astonishing seven stories on his Twitter in just under three months, including thrillers such as

Sorting out stories from paper to web, scratching my, not sure if i liked the new Indiana Jones film i saw last night

Hatching a plan to avoid sitting in traffic in my car twice a day. It really gets me down. How can I escape Bristol traffic hell???


I reckon life’s too short to worry, except when it comes to family. What to do?

He even manages to squeeze in four mentions for the Post (one slightly oblique)!

Coops is an anagram of Scoop. Need I say more?

* Amended 29/5/9 from @BristolCoops to @CoopsMarc


4 responses to “Is Marc Cooper the new William Boot?

  1. Update

    We’re motoring now! El Coop has now clocked up nine posts over twelve weeks! Keep going, Coops – one more and you’re into the magic double figures of the web 2.0 digital age! In your face, dead trees old guard!

    And the sweetie has even laid on a link to this very blog, bless 🙂 (For clarity’s sake I ought to mention that yes, I am *a* Bristol blogger, but not *the* Bristol Blogger.)

    Not even Barlow has got a mensh yet, result 😀

    So, Coops, wishing you well, and don’t go the Chris Maguire way 😉

  2. *blocks* Thanks for the heads up, I can’t stand the scumbags that run the Evening Post.

  3. No worries 🙂

    Though I’m sure Coops is not a scumbag, he’s merely the website jockey, and just doing his job 8)

    He does look eerily like Dennis Rickman from EastEnders, though – if Dennis was a Serbian war criminal. I have no evidence that our Coops is a fellow traveller of Arkan, though.

    Mike Norton, on the other hand, is editor of the aforementioned chip wrapper. He too has a Twitter account! Mike Norton is, of course, not a kiddie fiddler, though he does has the face of the sort one might come across slinking out of the Brigstocke Road bail hostel.

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