The Digest: August 2008


Notes from the BunKRS header

Well, it was a pretty good month for me, in particular getting to spend plenty of time with my LLF (had a jolly nice time at Endorse It, skintness notwithstanding). I also decided to give the whole moving thing a go (cheers Gabrielle!), though that’s come back to bite me on the arse already…

Pick of the Posts header
The month of August reflected in the BunKRS…

New Features header
As ever, I’ve been trying out some new format ideas…

Best Blogs header
Recently added to NetNewsWire:

  • Bristol Traffic – consistently yock-worthy, with straight-faced commentary accompanying endless photos of pavement parking, traffic light ignoring, middle finger extending drivers enjoying the Bristol roads;
  • In Through The Out Door But Then Back In Again – got me hooked with its ‘Dog With Tits’ schtick;
  • Pigdogfucker – ‘Dogs With Tits’ brought me here, too; a satisfyingly frothing-at-the-mouth-(but-still-funny) blog with a great name, a great subtitle (“Fuck you in the arse and the eye”) and a great description (“Glorifying terrorists, tolerating intolerance, and making excuses for the inexcusable.”)

Top Pods header
Podcasts blowing the BunKRS speakers this month…

P.S. header

Things are a bit tight at the moment, so I might be going off-air sometime soon 😮


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