Bristol blogosphere united by the meme that cannot die… All hail CARBOOT CIRCUS!

Birth of a meme..?

Picking up the meme and running with it:

Eyeing the meme covetously, but restraining themselves:

Other contenders:

  • Bread and Cabot Circus
  • Cahoot Circus
  • Carbon Circus
  • Carrot Circus
  • Circusmead
  • Cornucopia Circus
  • Jesus Building
  • New Broadmead
Edited Friday 14th November to add more links

13 responses to “Bristol blogosphere united by the meme that cannot die… All hail CARBOOT CIRCUS!

  1. thebristolblogger

    I quite like ‘Jesus Building’.

  2. Much credit should go to “It’ll all end in tears” for posting it on TBB on 26th September. Once out on a popular site the genius of the phrase was bound to be spotted.

    Carboot Circus has it all and works at several levels. Even if you start saying or typing Cabot the opening letters prompt for Carboot. It plays on the self-conscientiousness of Cabot as a word in English in the same way as Arnold Feener did for Arnolfini (another Italian intruder). Carboot alludes to the essentially tacky, car orientated nature of the business and devastatingly deflates the pretensions in the uber-hyped PR image of the shopping centre.

    I suspect the Bristol Alliance are wishing that they’d stuck with Merchants’ Quarter.

  3. I do hope El Barlow gives it a good smiting! He’s sure to rope in a few Conservative punters (I see there’s a commenter on Bristol IndyMedia going by the name of Tory Monarchist, but I’m sceptical…) alongside the dependable gaggle of Greens and independent lefties mentioned above.

    As for the Arnolfini, well, Analphoney does the job about right, as does Wankershed for its near neighbour.

  4. Google is now clocking a few more Carboot Circuses: ConservEngland and a Flickr discussion thread, as well as some sites with feeds to previously mentioned blogs.

    Oh, and there’s the ubiquitous Wiki war brewing…

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Carboot Circus? On Bristol’s blogs? It’s more likely than you think….

    Commenter on our blog mentioned that people IRL were calling it ‘Circusmead’ too, which is equally cool, but props to the Bristol Blogger which is where my first spot of the phrase came from.

    Dare we hope for the day when a google search for ‘Cabot Circus’ throws up the phrase ‘Did you mean Carboot Circus?’

  6. It may come sooner rather than later 😀

    Chris: The so calledBristol Alliance‘, if you will 😉

  7. Tory Monarchist

    Don’t be sceptical dear chap; I’m real.

  8. Tory Monarchist

    And as for Barlow, the man’s a bloody neo-liberal!

  9. That’s fighting talk.

  10. * Makes arrangements for the First Bristol Inter-Conservative Mud Wrestling Tournament *

    * Batch orders large consignments of baby oil and an inflatable paddling pool *

  11. Incidentally, did you get that photo I sent? I thought it was square in the middle of your target blogging niche:

  12. Heheh… Sadly not! Was it posted in image tags in a comment? I think WP might strip those out sadly 😦

    I think I might have to tone down the bodily functions, people seem to be getting a skewed impression of the blog 😉

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