Genre Rider #001: Fidget house

Another new category? Cripes!

I lubbers the internets. It’s always introducing me to music I’d never normally have a chance to hear (at least not whilst in that exciting pre-crossover period).

In recent years it’s given me crunk, glitch, dubstep, eskibeat, reggaeton, funk carioca, breizh ‘n’ bass, chopped & screwed, Baltimore club, Boston bounce and a few hard drives-worth more.

Now it’s given me fidget house!

To mine ears it’s a fun, dirty, garagey, electroey malarkey. To Wikipedia, it is characterised by:

a 4/4 beat and a cut-up, glitch style which contrasts other dance genres such as progressive house and trance. The way in which it differs from other house music styles is that it usually discards the solo drum beat introduction, thus encouraging a more cut-up rather than blend mixing style amongst DJs. Other common elements of fidget house include vocal sample snippets and a prominent bassline which often bends in pitch, rather than progressing by the semitone.

With its emphasis on rhythm and bassline rather than harmony and melody, the roots of fidget house lie in early Chicago house. The synth ‘stabs’ and ‘pitched-up’ vocal snippets that commonly feature in fidget tracks are reminiscent of the rave and UK garage genres. Closely aligned with Wonky house.

Ech, well, it’s back to cones and rods innit. Maybe that’s what it is, but that’s not how it feels to me. Anyway, too much chatter, not enough batter.

Here’s Will Bailey, formerly of Twocker, with a tasty hourlong fidget mix:

Will Bailey Loves California Mix

Tip o’ the titfer: Missing Toof (which is where I got the mix above).

See also:


Bugger, this Firefox 3/Flash player conflict arse seems to be carrying on, so if you can’t see the player above, try the direct link (not that I can get the Yahoo! player to actually work either!).

Seems to be fine in Safari though!


One response to “Genre Rider #001: Fidget house

  1. nice mix. one month later and fidget house has been officially defined by the iTunes store. see my post here…

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