The joy of Sex Bangla

Despite only having – very briefly – mentioned a blog called Sex Bangla a mere three weeks ago, for some reason daily traffic to the BunKRS has pretty much doubled thanks to Bangla sex-seeking surfers.

Nearly 500 visitors got here via the WordPress tag for Sex Bangla; more than 200 via various combinations of the search engine terms ‘sex’ and ‘Bangla’. My short mention of the subject is the second most popular post for October on this blog, and the fifth most popular of all time 😮

Perhaps there’s a shortage of Bangla banging on the net, because at the moment it seems like everyone looking for it is coming via here, and I feel more than a little embarrassed that I don’t have any to share.

Oh, you poor Banglapornophiles, may your grotsearches prove eventually fruitful.

PS What sort of perverts come here in the vain hope of finding Anna Mendelson poetry?


7 responses to “The joy of Sex Bangla

  1. I want sexy model

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  2. i wanna sex
    im bisexual
    i need both boys n girls
    age in between 18-30

  3. visit to read bangla choti, hot story, bangla chodar golpo..

  4. valo hok shobar.

    [ETA: I have no idea what this means and Google Translate isn’t any help; I’m just taking it on good faith that it’s not spam.]

  5. I know the feeling Rahul, we’ve all been there before.

  6. Well, all except for your bro 😉

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