The Eastville Park tree massacre

Just a quick one to mention a blog covering the demolition of a wood in Eastville Park.

Welcome to Bristol: European Green Capital nominee and Britain’s Most Sustainable City.

(Tip o’ the titfer: We Love Trees and anonymous in the comments over on The Bristol Blogger.)

5 responses to “The Eastville Park tree massacre

  1. Too late!! it’s all gone in the course of the weekend…Where will all those people go for sex’n’drugs now – not to mention the wild animals and birds.

  2. As I said on the Blogger’s comments, the police have a real say in how our greenspaces are managed these days – including the destruction of wildlife habitat in the interests of ‘crime prevention’. This happens irrespective of ownership of the land in question.

    The Tawny Owl nestbox lying on the floor is a particularly poignant image, bearing testimony to the wilful destruction of habitat we have witnessed.

  3. whole environment needs protection

    Des, that’s true. The problem is that there are some people now so sad and crazy that they reckon that we need more concrete everywhere, nice and clean and tidy. For what they call natural surveilleance. How sick is that?

  4. I am disgusted with the treatment of my fellow fury mates…

    How dare they!


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