Poděkujte mým jménem kuchaři!

It's all about the pork and cabbage, baby

Been busy the last week or so, redecorating and whatnot here at the BunKRS, but it’s pretty much done for the moment.

I just have to show off the top present the LLF got me for my birthday: Food Of Eastern Europe* edited by Lesley Chamberlain. I love my Mitteleuropan grub, and have long wanted to do a grub & glug tour from the Baltic to the Balkans, with a touch of eastward expansion into the Rus’ too, so I’ve been salivating over the recipes in it all day (I even woke up from my siesta dribbling 😮 ). We’ll be getting in some practice at the weekend – we’re off to sunny Praha!

* Not sure the Czechs, Hungarians, Austrians etc would appreciate being called East Europeans, though 😉

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