Incoming! #004: Et Cetera – Publick and Privat Curiosities

et cetera logo

Et Cetera is a trawler of a blog, with no dolphin-friendly nets. In its own words:

You will find a post-modern (or, perhaps, a post/post-modern), dialectical, social-constructivist perspective within this blog, as well at the center of my own thinking. In the here-and-now, my own impressions and actions , might well be expressed metaphorically as, “All the world is a stage, the play is just badly cast.”

My attention was caught by the entry on Salvador Dali and his appearance on TV show What’s My Line, though: the screengrab looks remarkably like the one I made and tweaked for this very blog! And yet no credit 😦 Bit cheeky, considering Et Cetera has a badge proclaiming “PAGE PROTECTED BY COPYSCAPE – DO NOT COPY”… And even cheekier that the light humoured comment I made there seems to have had reference to my original screengrab and to the badge edited out 😀

Still, love & blogging, et cetera 😉


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