Postcode Wars

'B$7 Gian 07' graffiti on back wall of Unitarians Meeting hall, Brunswick Square

Gusset has started a Flickr group to document postcode tagging across Bristol.

It’s inspired by a post on BLDNGBLOG which in turn was inspired by a Joseph Rowntree Foundation report [PDF] on young people’s perceptions of ‘microterritoriality’.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow, sponsored by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, have spent the past two years asking young residents of Bradford, Peterborough, London, Glasgow, Sunderland, and Bristol to draw maps of their own individual urban experience in order to explore micro-territoriality as both a cause and a symptom of social exclusion.

…Their research uncovered Bristol’s “postcode wars,” where gangs spray-paint their postcode in rival areas as a form of aggression.

If you spot any examples, add them to the pool!


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