A Bristol City Council-cleaned storm drain!

Blocked drain

This is a picture of a storm drain in St. Paul’s. I photographed it on Saturday.

It is on the corner between two streets. Cars regularly park over it, so rubbish accumulates over its grille, and it gets blocked up. When it gets blocked up in wet weather, it causes flooding across both streets and the pavement.

I reported it as being blocked up nearly three weeks ago. I was assured it would be dealt with as a matter of priority (it was very wet around that time).

I haven’t seen any council workers or contractors anywhere near it since then. I tried to contact the council over the weekend, but could not get through. I finally managed to get through this morning. I was told that it was ‘down on the system as having been dealt with’. I suggested otherwise. I have been assured that ‘they will definitely come out and deal with it’ in the indeterminate, but definite, future. We shall see. The frost is settling in now, and the mud and dirt and rubbish is nicely solid in the slots of the drain cover. Perhaps with a rain-frost combo we might get a tasty bit of black ice over the road, causing a fatal crash or two. I’m sure that would gee up any clear-up work necessary 🙂


3 responses to “A Bristol City Council-cleaned storm drain!

  1. Тема ну просто пиздец.
    Неужели ничего поактуальней не нашлось?

  2. Google Translate say…

    The topic I just pizdets.

    Is nothing poaktualney not found?


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