Criterion: April sentenced

April Bright, who was yesterday found guilty of the murder of Mohamoud Muse Hassan, was today sentenced to life, with a minimum tariff of twelve years.

She is eighteen years old.

Justice Roderick Evans, at Bristol Crown Court, said he hoped that, in handing down the minimum term of 12 years, it would deter other teenagers from equipping themselves with knives.

Sentencing Bright, the judge said there was no excuse for anyone to arm themselves with a knife.

“When you went out on carnival night you took with you a knife, that you told the jury was for your own protection,” he said.

“That is no possible justification for taking a knife.

“The carrying of knives is a matter of grave public concern and the presence of knives on our streets in clubs, pubs and in the hands of young people of your age so often leads to serious injury or in this case death.

“A slight, an insult, an inappropriate behaviour, real or imagined, so often leads to the production of a knife and to the consequences in this case.”

Bristol Evening Post


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