Greek forensics: The UFO Defence

The UFO defence

A mock-up of a TV reconstruction of the ‘UFO defence’ that child-killer Epaminondas Korkoneas appears to be relying on, if the statements of his lawyer Alexis Kougias are to be believed:

This tragedy is the result… of an act by the policeman to fire into the air. The bullet ricocheted, we have an entry wound from above. It proves irrefutably that it was a ricochet.

Occupied London’s On The Greek Riots blog looks like it shall be returning to both the issue of Kougias’s involvement and the broader strokes of the defence offered by the killers of Alexandros Grigoropoulos.


I believe this is video of Alexis Kougias outlining his client’s position on Greek television. Translations welcomed.

(Image slightly modified from one scavenged off the internet.)

4 responses to “Greek forensics: The UFO Defence

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    (Edited by BristleKRS to add autotranslation via Google Translate tools. More accurate translations welcomed.)

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  4. Cute… really

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