Alexis’s eighth night

Greek vase, by Hajo

By Hajo, via Troktiko.

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The guy who shot the boy isn’t someone I know, but his nickname “Rambo” explains it all. I don’t want to know a person like this, but policeman around the world probably all know a co-worker who is (what do you call it?) irresponsible and trigger happy. All professions everywhere have bad people.

It is a tragedy, and I understand why people are mad. All the MAT are paying for him, whether he is guilty or not.

…I didn’t feel good before, but these days I feel worse. On one hand, I can understand that people are mad and want justice, but I don’t think violence is the answer. It just makes things worse.

…Regardless of what I think, I am hated and used for target practice all day long. That’s my job, to be a target. Isn’t that great?

…The government needs to stop talking and start doing something, not just with riots but with everything and fix this country. That’s the real reason for the rioting. The country is broken.


One response to “Alexis’s eighth night

  1. Although i can empathise with this cop as a human being, i would also say to him that as a fully conscious human he holds personal agency and accountability, and choosing to join a ‘profession’ that’s sole existance is to protect the interests of the state and capital, he must bear the consequences. Whether he chooses to acknowledge it or not, when he is standing on the streets in his riot cop/ MAT gear, the stand he is taking is completely for the most repressive, oppressive and violent institution in the modern world, that of the state and its twin, capital.

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