Today the cops on trial for the beating of a young man in Thessaloniki last November following the commemoration of the 1973 Athens Polytechnic Uprising were given suspended sentences and released, despite video evidence clearly showing the brutality of their assault upon Augustinos Dimitrios. The leniency of the court caused an angry response from local people gathered outside.

Last Friday in south London the jury at the inquest into the 2005 killing of Jean Charles de Menezes by British police refused to return a verdict of lawful killing.

Two Saturdays ago, Greek cop Epaminondas Korkoneas – assisted by colleague Vassilis Saraliotis – shot and killed fifteen year old Alexis Grigoropoulos.

The insurrection in Greece continues.

(Image taken from slackbastard‘s account of a Melbourne demonstration in protest at the murder of Alexis which took place a week after his death.)



  1. noam the anarchist

    the case of grigoropoulos returns greece in the period of the assasination of grigoris lambrakis
    i can not imagine greek politicians to order the assasination of a young greek anarchist and to send with this way a message to the greek parents not to let their children to protest
    against to the regime or that if anarchists should continue to protest they will have a similar ending to alexis grigoropoulos
    in the case that this is true then these politicians are dangerous for grece or they are mad
    i hope that this is not true

    it contains the forbidden erotonomicon that socked greek sopciety with its violent and anarchistic theme
    and was censhorsiped in greece

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