Wikipediaphile: Schießbefehl

The German term Schießbefehl (“firing order”) was the common term to refer to Befehl 101 (Order 101), a standing order that instructed border patrols of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR or East Germany) to “prevent border penetration by all means and kill the violators”…

The GDR border troops (Grenztruppen der DDR), who were not formally integrated in the regular armed forces (the Nationale Volksarmee), were instructed to follow a certain procedure when encountering persons moving illegally within the border strip:

  • First, to call out “Halt, stehenbleiben, oder ich schieße!” (“Stop, stand still or I will shoot”).
  • Next, to fire a warning shot; typically the border police carried Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles.
  • Finally, if the fugitive failed to comply, an aimed shot, preferably aimed at the legs, was to be fired to stop the person.

Wikipedia page on Schießbefehl


One response to “Wikipediaphile: Schießbefehl

  1. It’s only surprising that the Deutschen don’t all need a Scheißbefehl before taking a dump. Willi Reich had good insight on the mentality – till the orgones gottim.

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