Mystery Pic #001

Mystery Pic #001

Post your guesses in the comments…


Guessed right by Mat D – it’s Robert Aldrich’s Too Late The Hero (1970).

Too Late The Hero title screen
Too Late The Hero alternate title screens


17 responses to “Mystery Pic #001

  1. Bridge Over the River Kwai?

  2. Return from the River Kwai

  3. Lateral thinking, but sorry, s’not that either…

  4. being talking this one over with mrs, its a difficult one to even put a date on from picture.

    Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence?

  5. Warmer but no cigar, I’m afraid!

  6. Virgin Soldiers

  7. Drifting way off now, pilgrim!

  8. Empire Of The Sun ?

  9. Ice cold!

    Some clues, methinks…

    For one of the lead actors, this was his first film after winning an Oscar.

    For another, his previous role had been as an RAF pilot.

    For a third, his career would take him into the world of archaeological action movies…

  10. Not We Were Soldiers? At first I thought Full Metal Jacket, but don’t think that’s right.

  11. Nope to both there Lizzie – wrong war…

  12. Okay I am just thinking out loud here- there has been some convo about archaeological action movies and I am going to go against what my wife suggested- which was indiana jones etc and maybe think out loud that this err may refer to quatermass and the pit? err maybe?

  13. Dunno, but the ginger fella looks like that bloke of carry on, the one who was a chef in “carry on cruising”.

  14. Nigel: Nope, not Q&TP (or any other Quatermass films)…

    Mat: Yes! That is indeed Lance Percival, who played the ship’s cook in Carry On Cruising

  15. In that case it must be “Too Late, Hero”, a US war film set in the pacific from like 1968 or summat.

    Directed by a good director actually cant remember who, and this Bolivian connection wont open IMDB to check it…

  16. That’s pretty much it – it’s Too Late The Hero, directed by Robert Aldrich, starring Cliff Robertson, Michael Caine and Denholm Elliott (amongst others).

    (The films alluded to in the clues were Charly, Battle Of Britain and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.)

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