Mystery Pic #002

Mystery Pic #002

Place your guesses in the comments…


Guessed correctly by Nigel from Bloody Italiana, Dear Lucio and I Spit On Your Taste – yes, it’s Sexy Beast.

Sexy Beast title screen

6 responses to “Mystery Pic #002

  1. Shit! You put this one on that forum I used to run a few years back. I forgot what the answer was that time so I am in the dark.

    Is it Dead Mans Shoes?

  2. Heh – indeed I did. I’ve checked to make sure it’s not still up 😀

    It’s not DMS

  3. hmmm

    last time and this time I had to use software to lighten the image- there is blood on pillow- so someone has been shot in bed maybe. It could be when one of the gang in goodfellas was killed after the robbery.

  4. Intriguing…

    Sadly I must inform that it’s not Goodfellas, but you’re not that far away from the right answer either…

  5. Sexy Beast ?

  6. On the money! Well done 🙂

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