Mystery Pic #004

Mystery Pic #004

As ever please place your answers in the comments…

ETA: No one got this, it was Hackers (that’s Angelina Jolie blocked by Alberta Watson, who plays Jonny Lee Miller’s mum).

Hackers title screen


16 responses to “Mystery Pic #004

  1. Its american! there is someone behind the door- so I will say this one is scream or similar slasher fare- anything from black christmas and beyond.

  2. Fuckin hell bris, this one was on my forum too. I
    m calling my brother, game on!

    err right its a horror film not slasher- is it Candyman?

  3. Heh, it was – there were a few really nicely cryptic ones that were just too good to part with, so I figured it was long ago enough for you not to be able to remember the answers 😀

    Plus (and this is the kicker) I actually misidentified this screengrab in the first place! Originally I Googled for an image from a particular film, and it came up with this one; except it’s not from the film I wanted it to be from… Sorry, that’s all a bit garbled :O

    Sorry, forgot to answer you – nope, it’s not Candyman, and it’s neither a horror or a slasher flick…

  4. I m sorry, stuck on this one..

  5. Nope…’s got me beat

  6. Okay, some more clues…

    When I originally found this pic on the web, it was because the woman in it was in the other film I was thinking of. The other film was directed by someone who subsequently directed another director in the desert…

  7. Clue: It’s not a slasher flick, but fans of Scream will recognise one of the main characters…

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  9. Clue: Seems everyone is Crashing and Burning on this one…

  10. from clue- its about fires so its um that one about firemen a few years ago cant think of title.

  11. Getting very cold! The Burn in Crash & Burn does not relate to actual fires 😀

  12. Well, I reckon it’s time to draw a line under this one – it was 1995’s Hackers

  13. these are too hard mate!

  14. …Said the actress to the casting director!

    I shall stick a few more up today for a bit of variety 🙂

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