Wikipediaphile: Alfred Wintle

Alfred Wintle (pic from TIME magazine)

Alfred Wintle

Stop dying at once and when you get up, get your bloody hair cut!

Wintle to Trooper Cedric Mays (Royal Dragoons), who recovered and lived to the age of 95.

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One response to “Wikipediaphile: Alfred Wintle

  1. Ha! Wintle! He was a true eccentric; I managed to get hold of a secondhand copy of his autobiography ‘The Last Englishman’ many years ago as a present for a very blimpish friend who for years afterwards said every decision in his life was based on “What would Wintle do?”

    ‘Course I had a read of it first. The bit I remember is when, as a schoolboy in France aged about 10, he took one of those exams that every kid in France and the French empire would have taken on the same day. He came second out of something like 150,000 kids, went home to tell his parents and got a severe thrashing from his father for not coming first. Explains a lot.

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