Genre Rider #002: UK Funky

UK Funky is a style of modern electronic dance music, heavily influenced by various styles of house and beyond, including contemporary funky house, electro house, and increasingly, broken beat, soca, and afrobeat. It mixes traditional UKG beats, bass loops and synths with latin percussion and contemporary R&B-style vocals.

Percussions such as bongos, tambourines, and drums are used to give a dark exotic african sound due to the constant rhythm of the bongos. The crazy snare which people will remember from Garage and Bassline, is non-existent in funky house.

When funky house is slow, it can sound soulful. When it’s fast, it can sound like ska.

So sayeth Wikipedia, anyhow.

It sounds thus:

UK Funky Volume 1: An Introduction mixed by DJ OneDrop

From The MashUp Show via seen (by way of Gutta or Doppelganger, can’t remember which).


One response to “Genre Rider #002: UK Funky

  1. Really like this

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