EXCLUSIVE: Mark Bradshaw hates Bristol bloggers!

Mark Bradshaw hates Bristol bloggers!

I just thought I would see if my earlier post had earned (ex-‘transport supremo’) Mark Bradshaw any more Twitter friends, only to discover that the blighter has blocked me!

Good to see a politician with such a healthy interest in engaging with local people, as ever 😉


7 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Mark Bradshaw hates Bristol bloggers!

  1. You have used bloggers in the plural – how many of you are there? I thought you were one person 🙂

  2. dear twitter friend – gissa a job! 🙂

  3. e’s following 10 and got 15 followers

    mostly e’s been tweeting about tidying up his office! lol…busy busy…

  4. Well, if you’re any good at web design how about overhauling the Knightstone site?

  5. Perfection takes time, my friend, lots of time…

  6. I wonder if he realises that blocking another Twitterer doesn’t actually prevent them from reading his tweets?

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